Awhile back, Salison requested that I do a redesign of Fox McCloud.

At first I wasn’t sure what I could do to redesign him until I started thinking about the fact he was a pilot of an extremely advanced air/space craft and the fact that his current design completely lacked pilot gear like a g-suit or flight helmet of any kind. Though that Idea quickly became more complicated in practice as I realized how absurd a flight mask looks on a fox muzzle lol. Plus the fact that covering up the face would be counter intuitive for those comm sequences where you’d want to be able to see the characters’ faces.

So I ultimately left out the flight mask and stuck with the the g-suit Idea and I brought back the robotic legs from the original game as well since it just makes sense as a measure to prevent the the blood from pooling in his feet when he’s pulling those crazy barrel and aileron rolls. ;D

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"Tablet driver is not running" How to solve it.


Awhile back I saw a post going around Tumblr about a common wacom driver error where the driver just randomly stops working. This apparently was the dread of everyone’s existence as most people don’t know how to solve it besides completely restarting their computer.

Well this morning I had that very error happen to me, so I figured this would be a good opportunity to make a tutorial on how to fix it with no hassle.

STEP 1: Close any open art application, Then open your Start Menu and search and open "Services"


STEP 2: In the Services window look for "TabletServicePen" , select it then click on "Restart" in the left side bar.


And Congratulations! you’re done!

Now go reopen your favorite art application and go draw some butts or whatever you crazy kids draw these days ;D


Based on Aureyian’s introduction to the mindcrack server. ;D

you can download the full 1920x1200 wallpaper

Due to the recent controversy over the new redesign of Samus in the new Smash Bros game, I thought it would be fun to do a redesign of my own.

I didn’t change much about the actual suit other than making her proportions less exaggerated. With the Zero Suit however, I made 3 changes to things that always bothered me about the official Zero Suit.

  1. I made her hair short and messy as that would probably be the more comfortable and logical hair style for a tough space bounty hunter that has to wear a bulky space suit with a full helmet all the time.
  2. Why does her blaster arm randomly turn into a handgun in the newer incarnations? In the original game she just kept the blaster arm in her armorless form and I don’t see any reason to change that lol.
  3. I added various padding and connector ports as well as an iron man style reactor to the Zero Suit to make it seem more like a necessary core part of the armor as a whole rather than just a random blue skin tight body suit.

And that’s basically it, feel free to leave a suggestion for other characters you’d like to see redesigned as I might do more of these c;

Sagat from the original Street Fighter for Phons0’s Street FIghter Collab

I tried a different style than I normally do with this one and I’m extremely satisfied with how it came out :D

Hey everyone! I just finished making a second blog for posting reblogs and silly replies and other tumblr-like things.

and I’m starting it off with I just made lol

so If you’re into that sort of stuff, go follow it! ;D

Twitter dump. I’m gonna be posting random experimental stuff on twitter from now on and then just dumping it here occasionally as I kind of wanna keep this blog focused and properly blog-like and not spammy.

Though with that said I’m also thinking about making a second blog for reblogs and other silly tumblr-like activities. So expect that in the near future lol ;D

So awhile back I was commissioned to do a logo for a Minecraft modpack by Phedran called “Life in the Woods”.

And I just learned that it was finally released! :D

If you’re into Minecraft mods you can learn more about the modpack and download it here

Trying a different style. Here’s Satsuki ;D

Didn’t know what to draw, so have some more random sprites lol.

…I should probably use some of these things for something =w=

Also that random dancer girl featured in my commission information. Random Sprite. lol

probably not the best example i could’ve used, but I’ll keep updating that commission infographic as time goes on =w=

  • Title your email with “Commission” somewhere in it.
  • In the body of your email specify all the details of your commission including reference files and whether it needs to be certain dimensions for a specific application like a youtube banner/thumbnail or a logo.
  • Once the commission details and price have been agreed upon, all payments must be made up front before I begin work.
  • If I don’t respond in a timely manner then I’m likely busy, so be patient.
  • Paypal payments are made to [email protected]
    If you plan on paying with Bitcoins, I’ll give a specific address to send the payment to.

And that’s about it. So email me if you’re interested in some awesome arts ;D

Also if you have a job offer, commercial work, or a task that’s beyond a simple commission feel free to send me an email. I’m always looking for work.

I figured out a way of animating using easytoon and paint tool SAI.

It’s a horribly inefficient way and wouldn’t recommend it lol.

but this dancing Pikachu came out of that experiment… yep.

L’B-Team, the totally legitimate pastry chefs. absolutely no flim-flamming going on here. ;D

Also this is the first piece of artwork that i did a timelapse of which you can find here

You can download the full 1920x1200 image here

A little while ago while watching one of Mark Chong’s Livestreams, I saw him doing this “randomly generated sprite challenge”

Just go to this website website to generate a sheet of what are essentially random sprite Rorschachs, then pick a few sprites from the sheet and draw your interpretation of them.

I had a lot of fun with this and it’s definitely an interesting way to get drawing when you don’t know what to draw lol c;